Case Study on DBMS at Yeti Airlines Pvt. Ltd. - Abstract


October 2017

The following is the abstract extracted from the case study report on Database Management System at Yeti Airlines Domestic Pvt. Ltd. conducted on October, 2017.

The principle objective of this case study was to study about the database management system, a system’s database structure, security mechanism, file system management, backup policy and the analytical overview of the system architecture that was used in the organization. This report is an overview of the database management system of “Yeti Airlines Pvt. Ltd”. A database management system (DBMS) is a software program that stores all the collection of related data in a systematic manner with a set of programs to access those data.  The collection of data, usually referred to as the database; contains information relevant to an enterprise.


This paper develops a detail understanding in database management, and the way a database management is implemented in the organization. The information required for the study was collected through questionnaire prepared with resilient carefulness. This case study allows us to deduce the representation of real world in the form of objects and entities. Objects, entities and their attributes are shown using schema and entity relationship diagrams.


With this report, we can also gain the knowledge about data security, data warehouse, data marts, data mining, overall system structure, centralized and distributed database, DBMS interfaces, and database system utility. The primary goal of this report is to provide a way to store and retrieve database information in both convenient and efficient way.


Key words: Database, Data, Information, Database Manager, Data Security, Data Warehouse, Data Marts, Data Mining, Database System Structure, Database System Utility, Data Model, Invoice.