Case Study on SE at Hello World Corp. - Abstract


November 2017

The following is the abstract extracted from the case study report on Software Engineering at Hello World Corp Pvt. Ltd. conducted on November, 2017.

This report is an overview of the Software Engineering of “Hello World Corp.”. The principle objective of this case study was conducted to study about Software Engineering, system engineering, software process, project management, software requirements, software prototyping, formal specification, software design, verification and validation that are used in Hello World Corp.


This paper develops a detail understanding in system engineering, and the way each phase of System Engineering (SE) is implemented in the organization. The information required for the study was collected through questionnaire prepared with resilient carefulness. This case study allows us to deduce the representation of real world in the form of objects and entities. Objects, entities and their attributes are shown using schema and entity relationship diagrams.


With this report, we can also gain the knowledge about methodologies, system analysis phase, system design phase, system implementation phase, modeling tools, object-oriented analysis and design, overall system structure, and system utility. The primary goal of this report is to provide an overview of the way in which system is developed in a company in both convenient and efficient way.