First Live Interview: Ke Aaja Ghar Mai

March 2019

This interview related to Rotaract was conducted by presenter Sagarika on the show on Ke Aaja Ghar Mai, Kantipur Television on March 2019.

So, one of our senior Rotaract District members had managed to book a date for the show “K Aja Ghar Mai”. Two of the members could attend the show. Ayushma informed all the members about the show and requested interested ones to give their name. Nobody came forward, so Ayushma and I being the club representatives of the RotaYear 2018/19 decided to be the ones going for interview.

I, being on the first year of my Rotaract journey was overwhelmed by the opportunity that soon.  So, I was going to be on television. Excited and nervous at the same time, I asked Ayushma to give me all the details that needed to be conveyed. Days passed by. I knew about the programme but had taken it lightly thinking it would not be that difficult. 

And, one day I thought of doing some research about the program we were about to go on. I searched for the program on YouTube and then I got so nervous by the setting itself. Further digging onto the program, I came to know that people being invited to the show were leaders and experts of their field. I became nervous and messaged Ayushma right away. We talked for a bit and then planned to discuss our answers soon. The next day, I looked for my attire on the wardrobe (though I was not looking my best that day), and kept options for the main day. I asked few of my close friends for their opinion.

Finally, the following day was the day of interview but the weather took a turn. It was raining and too cold. Above all, Ayushma and I did not get a chance to speak and properly prepare for the interview. We had to be there by 11.30 and the college ended at 9.05. Planning to prepare with Ayushma during our classes, I slept with all the excitement and nervousness at the same time.

The day finally came. Riya, one of my classmates is my go to person for any kind of suggestion. So, I consulted with her for what I was going to wear and finally decided to opt for a completely different sweater. I had a fair amount of practice with Ayushma and was ready to go. Suddenly, Riya informed us that the show is a live show. That peaked my nervousness to a new height altogether but then I had to get myself together. About the interview, I had not informed any of my family members. I had planned to surprise them. I asked everyone at home to watch Kantipur TV at 12.30 and called my dad saying the same. I wanted them to be happy with my surprise. 

Moving on, I got ready and went to the set. I met Ayushma before going into the building and met our interviewer. Makeup artist from the set did our makeup and finally we were ready to go. 

I was quite confused on how I should be seated and tried my best to be comfortable. And then I hear one of the technical team members call out for number.. 4...3..2...1. We were being broadcasted live. My heart pounded for a bit but then all was okay once I started answering. Soon the interview was over and it felt like it was too soon.

It felt like I could not give my best and on seeing some of my photos noticed my attire and posture being not so good. However, I am happy that I got to be broadcasted on a live show. Being the introvert I am, I had never imagined to be on a live TV show. I was happy to have answered the questions properly.

Link to the interview: