Rotaract Experience Sharing


May 2020

The following experience sharing was written during the end of Rota Year 2019/20 for Monthly Bulletin "Community Bell" - May 2020 Edition published by Rotaract Club of Kathmandu.

Rotaract has been a wonderful experience to me. On the very second year after I joined the club, I got to serve as the President of Rotaract Club of Patan West. With the title came the heavy responsibility of not just carrying out the club activities and meeting standards maintained by previous leaders, but also meeting the expectation of all club members. Talking about highs and lows of my personal presidential journey, I would consider each of the phase that I went through as a learning experience. Not that all went smoothly as planned and expected, but then each failure made me realize where is it that I was personally lagging behind as a leader. Moreover, the failure made members recognize how the club as a whole could perform better. But on the brighter part,  our team work and hardship proved to be fruitful, resulting accomplishments of various major projects. For Rotaract Club of Patan West, RotaYear 2018-19 had been a breakthrough, with all the large scale projects conducted and awards bagged. We were on a rising phase. What we had to do was to make sure that the club creates leaders who can take the club to another height. With this in consideration, I, along with the club, made sure that the projects focused on quality than quantity and we utilize our resources to their potential. I would not consider my leadership to be a piece of cake that was all sweet but then leadership comes with a lot more responsibilities.

As our RotaYear 2019/20 is about to end, I would like to request all the upcoming leaders to enjoy and learn through their experiences because that is what you take at the end.

A tip to future leaders: Your team is your strength, move forward with them. Focus on quality rather than quantity of projects.