December 2018

He wanted to take all three of us to Kaichi Dham, Neeb Karoli Baba’s Ashram. So, finally the trip was planned. We were to leave on 30th December. It was five of us from Kalanki to Mahendranagar; my dad would join us at Butwal. The seat was booked, the bags were packed and we were all set to go.

After a 19 hours travel, we finally reached Mahendranagar. Excitement was at its peak. Now, we would soon be crossing the border of Nepal. The border would be open at specific hours only. 9-12 and 2-5 was when people were allowed to pass by. As, pre-planned, we rested for about an hour or two at the house of a family friend. Journey had been tiring and everyone rested for a while. It was time we cross the border. All excited, we sat on a private car that was pre-booked. 

Enjoying the scenes that were passing by, we crossed the Sharada Barrage, Tankapur, Kalapani.  Kalapani, famous with its history, we had something to chat on. Roads passed by, and soon it was evening. We reached Nainital at around 6 in the evening. Such a beautifully planned town and pleasing natural view. Mesmerized by the place, we all enjoyed the view. Despite the fact that we were all excited, our body demanded of rest. We had been travelling for more than 24 hours now. We decided to rest that evening and go for a walk the day after. What all of us were planning from a long time was now turning into reality. Enthusiastic about tomorrow and tired from the journey, we soon fell asleep.