December 2017

To me travelling is an escape from daily hurdles of life. Most of the time, when I go somewhere to travel I try to take a break from social media as much as possible. Travelling gives me the space, the time to take a break from everything around me. I enjoy travelling mostly because it is a form of break to me. Since my childhood, my parents took me everywhere they used to travel. Compared to the kids of my age, I used to be travelling quite often. Maybe that’s why, as I grew older I had this need to travel whenever I used to have holidays.

Talking about my recent holiday, just like most of them it was unplanned. Since it was my semester break, I had it in my mind that I would go somewhere (even though not sure where). One day during the break, I saw the Routine of Nepal Banda posting these beautiful pictures of Phulchowki where there had been snowfall. Soon, I got a message from my friend with the same photo. Immediately, I thought of going there. I started asking out friends. I thought of at least 11 of them and even planned to book a microvan. Like most of the time, the plan did not work. We did not go to Phulchowki.

The day after, I saw my uncle who lives in Dolakha sending me beautiful pictures of a place in Dolakha, Mude where there had been a heavy snowfall. I thought of going to Kalinchowk given that he had offered to take me there on a motorbike. Due to some official work, I was rather busy and declined his offer. But deep down I wanted to go. He was supposed to leave the next day and I was unsure if I should go. Finally, after talking to my mom I decided to go and started packing my bags. The next evening we were already at his place.

On the way to Dolakha, we passed by Kharidhunga where we had seen glimpses of snow. He asked me if I would love to go and play out but then I denied thinking that I would see plenty of snow when I would be going to Kalinchowk. We had planned to go to Kalinchowk the very next day we reached Dolakha. Unfortunately, due to heavy snowfall the road was blocked and the plan was postponed to the day after. I was happy either way. I was enjoying the new environment. The day after talking to people who lived nearby Kuri, a stop before Kalinchowk; we came to know that the road was still blocked. So, days passed by. I enjoyed my holiday talking to the kids over there, listening to the guffs of uncle and aunt and so on. After three days of my arrival, we came to know that the road was clearer than before. So all set to go, excited, me, my uncle and his kid, Samir were all set to go on bike. I was very much happy that the day had finally arrived.

So, we are on our way and not even before half way, we find the road to be very bumpy and slippery. It did not bother me since I was quite energetic that day. After going a few miles ahead we came through a very slippery road where our motorbike almost slipped. Not seeing the chances of making it even halfway, we planned to return. To be honest, I was not so disappointed given that deep down I had this feeling that we could not make it. Moreover, I had seen snow before. Been to Daman and I don’t quite like the cold. My main interest was to see snowfall. So, we went somewhere else and returned.

It was a cold day, on reaching my uncle’s place, Samir and I were all set to watch a movie when his grandmother called us, “Hiu paryo, hernaa aooo”. Ghumti, the place where I was staying was at a low altitude and usually snow did not fall over that place. Excited on hearing that, we rushed downstairs, felt the snow and clicked as many photos as we could. So, that’s my unexpected story with snow.