The Most Memorable Day of School

March 2013

The following article was published on The Waxing Moon, annual magazine of Adarsha Vidya Mandir School on March, 2013.

My heart was pounding with fear. I must have been the most anxious one among all our group members. For a moment I thought it was just a farewell dance for seniors but the next moment the feeling of nervousness made me shake. I was too excited and at the same time afraid. I could see the nervousness in the face of all my friends but I felt like I was the most nervous one among all. Still I had to anyhow prepare myself to face the stage and also encourage my friends as well. I didn’t want to make all my friend’s and my hard work go to despair. We met almost daily for dance practice. We needed to work hard for our coordination since we were 9 students performing dance.  It had been a tedious job to maintain coordination. All of my friends were worried about the dance and so was I. It was a do or die condition for me. I didn’t want to give up. It was my first dance performance. My head was full of stupid thoughts.

Meanwhile one of our friends informed us that we were next to perform.  We did our final practice. Just before our practice the group dance of b boying was performed. We were terrified by their performance. My legs were trembling at first. But then we encouraged each other, I then wished all my friends good luck and we headed towards the stage. I was supposed to move towards the stage at first and I did so. I was nervous, excited, frightened and then music began. I could hear all our seniors hooting for us. We were encouraged by them. Their hooting made me as well as my friends perform their best. The dance was about 5 minutes.  As the dance proceeded their hooting increased. They made us feel good. I as well as all my friends danced with full enthusiasm. We completed the dance. Finally we did it…………..

I could not believe it. I was too happy and excited. We did it well. After completing our dance we went upstairs and clicked photos and videos. We had lots of fun. We were praised by our seniors, friends and even teachers. I still remember those practice days, the way we made fun of each other, we choreographed our dance, and met in each other’s home and the farewell party. When I remember those days a big smile still appears on my face. It makes me feel proud of myself. These were the most memorable and precious moments of my life.